• Cubbing Masters in charge at present: Mrs. Miranthi Hettiarachchi , Ms. Nimmi Costa , Ms. Ann Dinusha Gomez , Ms. Chrishanthi Shiwanthika , Ms. Preethika Vinodini , Ms. Rose Dilani , Ms. Pamela Fonseka , Ms. Shiromala Fernando , Ms. Nidarshani Hettiarachchi , Ms. Himashi Fernando , Ms . Dammi Gunarathna , Ms. Malithi Wijerathna
  • Scouting Masters in charge at present: Mr. Madushanka Silva , Mr. Prabath Jayasooriya , Mr. Gayan Sanjeewa

On 1956 was a great year since scouting started with the guide and the instructions given by Rev. Bro. Nizier . Initially the number of members were 28 . Mr. Thomas Dalpothadu is a dedicated teacher who was behind the association . By 1959 Mr. D. J. Milton guided the association.Every Friday the members get together and get to know about scouting and get involved in the related activities. This practice helps to lead their lives .They participate for the social activities organized at Negombo area . Also they well prepare for the annual gatherings with a great enthusiasm.

Dedicated staff who improved the association:

  1. Mr. Thomas M. Dalpothado
  2. Mr. John Milton
  3. Mr. Densil Fernando
  4. Rev. Bro. Erick
  5. Mr. D. P. A. Alahakoon
  6. Mr. Milroy
  7. Mr. Patrick Emmanuel
  8. Rev. Bro. Bruno
  9. Mr. Chritopher Perera
  10. Mr. Noman Perera
  11. Mr. A.C. B. Fonseka
  12. Rev. Bro. Mervyn
  13. Mr. S. B. Veetus Fernando

Most of them have been awarded by the Presidential award and 

Mr. Mark Anthony, Mr. C. Nimal D. Brito, Mr. Benadict Daberera, Mr. S. Nihal Silva, Mr. Sunil Anthony, Mr. Thilak Siyambalapitiya, Mr. M. A. S. Manthirathna, Mr. Nimal Perera, Mr. Jude Fernandopulle , Mr. Ranjith Gunawardana, Mr. Nolascus Pulle , Mr. Prince Fernando, Mr. Pradeep Peris, Mr. Deepthi Kurukulasooriya , Mr. Peter Malsiri Gunawardana, Mr. Elmo Romel, Mr. Shasam Ananda, Mr. Shane Jayalath, Mr. Thusitha Gunawardana , Mr. Joseph Perera, Mr. Muditha Dalpothadu, Mr. Sameera Perera, Mr. John Mathew, Mr. Amila Sooriyabandara, Mr. Ruwin Inesh, Mr. Nalin Sumedha Fernando, Mr. Nishantha Fonseka, Mr. Ruwan Lakmal, Mr. Denis Perera, Mr. Farasi Pihum, Mr. Suranga Fernando, Mr. Mahesh Fernando

Participated for the international Jambories

Mr. Jude Fernandopulle (India), Mr. Nolascus Pulle (Japan), Mr. Bimsara Gunarathna (Japan), Ryan Perera (India), Randy Grey (India) , Piyal Fernando (India) , Mr. Joseph Perera (Australia), Mr. Muditha Dalpothadu (Australia), Mr. John Mathew (USA) , Mr. Lakman Silva (Pakistan), Mr. Denis Perera (Pakistan), Mr. Amila Sooriyabandara (Thailand) , Mr. Farasi Pihum (Netherland), Mr. Denis Perera (Japan), Mr. Nalaka Perera (Japan)

There is well planned syllabus for cubbing which is prepared for the age range 7 years to 11 years . They are awarded a bronze star at grade 3 , silver star at grade 4 and a gold star at grade 5. The activities students involved in are entertaining , practical , 1 day camping , etc..There are 21 medals being awarded throughout the time of education . 

What we gain

Lot of attitudes are being trained for there well being.

Management Skills

How to complete a task by managing the time and the resources.

Self Confidence

Improve the power of completing a task with self confidence.


Fear is being eliminated and being courageous is improved. This helps a child to overcome obstacles he meet during his life. 


How to coordinated with the society by guiding other students who need support , and how to be helpful to the family members.



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