Red Cross

Present Masters in Charge:

  • Rev. Bro. Benedict Wijeysooriya
  • Mr. Gayan Sanjeewa

This is one of the oldest associations in this college which started on 1965 by Rev. Bro. Joseph Fonseka. Dedicated Masters in charge

  • Mr. Shanthi Madurawala (1969 – 1978)
  • Mr. Jude Densil (1988 – 1993)
  • Mr. Shanthi Viraj Fernando (1997)
  • Some others teachers who dedicated : Mr. Stanely Kumar , Mr. Francis Fernando , Mr. Basil Fernando , Mr. Shantha Fernando and Mr. Ashok Kumar

We were able to conduct many red cross camps at several locations eg: Demanhandiya , Pallakele estate  etc. We celebrated a “Red Cross day” at the college .

Safety is the most important factor as we consider. [/vc_column_text]

Why Choose Us

Safety of the whole school is one of the main targets.


We make sure the students come to school safely and make sure they are going out of the school safely. Controlling the traffic is another major role. 

First Aid

We make sure if any accidental occasion , first aid is given and if further necessity of hospitalization , get it done as soon as possible.   

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